Wellness Essentials for the respiratory system

This past week, one of our team members was out with an awful cough. And where did she go to help feel better? Right back to Vineyard Grocer! ha! Funny but true! Mark and other team members stepped up to share ideas on what could be a help. We're sharing these with you!


#1 // Goldenseal, by Herb Pharm

Get it? Herb PHARM?! We even like their name. :-) In some cases, you might like to go to a pharmacy to get well... but you might also like to reach for plant-based support. And this is the gold behind the goldenseal. Certified organic, this can help big time when your respiratory system has taken a hard hit.

Goldenseal is known to be helpful with infections, skin issues, digestive challenges, and all things respiratory. It's often paired with echinacea, myrrh, and other immune boosters.

If you were going to have ONE herb in your wellness arsenal, this could be the one!

#2 // Honey Lemon Throat Comfort, by Yogi Tea

We just love all things Yogi Tea. (Come check out our selection! While we don't have EVERY flavor they offer, we do have a lot of 'em!) This particular mix is incredibly soothing and immune boosting, with a mix of honeybush, lemongrass, licorice root, echinacea, peppermint, wild cherry bark, black pepper, slippery elm bark, and stevia leaf.

It really DOES make a difference!

#3 // Raw Neem Honey, by Heavenly Organics

Honey can be incredibly helpful - but it has to be good honey like the ones by Heavenly Organics. This one is collected by bees in an area with no pesticides within such a big radius that it can be certified organic. (That's actually a pretty big deal as honey goes because it's not just the neem trees or flowers that must be organic... it's everything in the area!!)

So GOOD honey (like this one!) can be your saving grace - it can help strengthen your immune system but is also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, AND anti-bacterial (an antibiotic made by nature!).

#4 // TEN Spring Water

Water is cleansing us, helping filter, hydrating, nourishing. It couldn't be more important.

We love carrying TEN Spring Water because it isn't tap water filtered to bottle it... NOPE. It's pure spring water with added electrolytes, making it a "perfect 10" and super alkaline. We have a water filter at home, but when I have reason to pick up a bottle of water THIS is the one! :-)

We hope this is helpful to a friend out there. If you're feeling under the weather or just want to take good care of yourself, you might also like to check out some of these posts:

Éva Raposa

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