Some of our quirky but oh-so-good finds...

One of the things our VG family members love is that we’ll stock what you want to see. So quite a few of the items on this page (some of them pretty darn quirky!) started out as one person’s special request. Taking a trip down our aisles, you’ll find plenty of old favorites but also a whole new world of deliciousness to discover…!

You guys LOVE Siete grain-free tortilla chips… And we do too… they are so good!

You guys LOVE Siete grain-free tortilla chips… And we do too… they are so good!

1/ Grain-free (and other specialty!) chips, like

Siete Grain-Free Tortilla Chips… “These are so good!!”

2/ HUGE selection of high-quality chocolates at great prices, like:

  • Chocolove! (best sellers for good reason!)

  • Not Your Sugar Mama’s - the locally loved and created raw, vegan, gourmet chocolate bars

(Our prices on both Chocolate and NYSM are the LOWEST on island. And we have the vast majority of available flavors. What can we say? We love chocolate, and you do too!)

3/ Gluten-free flours and pre-made deliciousness, like:

  • Pupusas! (a MUST try! Gluten-free AND Vegetarian - a huge hit!!)

  • Caesar’s Kitchen Gluten-Free Gourmet lasagna

4/ Specialty vegan foods, like:

  • Sophie’s Kitchen’s Vegan Sea Salt Toona (made out of pea protein!)

  • the Bitchin’ Sauces - pesto, the original, MUST TRY

  • Tofutti sour cream (it’s really like sour cream!)

  • Almond Breeze almond milk

5/ Local happy chicken eggs, year-round, from local farms:

  • Cook’s Farm

  • Allen’s Farm

  • Red Farm

6/ An amazingly curated selection of cheeses and yogurts (vegan-, goat-, and cow-based options), like:

  • Old Croc Cheeses (grass-fed)

  • Mimoso (super-fresh-tasting Brazilian variety of frying cheese)

  • Chao sliced cheese (vegan and HIGHLY recommended, from Greece, non-GMO + voted by Cooking Light at the “most cheese-like vegan cheese”)

  • Horizon organic shredded cheese

  • Maple Hill Creamery organic, grass-fed yogurt

  • Miyoko’s Fresh VeganMozz - really tastes like vegan mozzarella!

7/ A *HUGE* selection of gourmet and gluten-free crackers, like:

  • Le Pain des Fleurs quinoa crispbreads

  • Go Raw crackers

8/ Raw food recipe ingredients + pre-made treats like:

Go Raw’s Healthy Cookies & Crackers! Yeah!

9/ Super high-quality CBD oil - people are talking about this for very good reason!

* Read more HERE and HERE

10/ The BEST Supplements to maintain a high level of wellness, on your budget. 

(Do some price comparisons - we invite you to - our prices are the best on island by far and more times than not below the prices on Amazon. Better to have it NOW - locally - on island - and support your local economy - than even to wait two days + pay more!)

11/ Delicious and SUPER-fresh coffee, roasted weekly

12/ So many more fun extras, like kombucha and coconut ice cream (put ‘em together to make a kombucha float!)

Éva Raposa

Éva Raposa is a digital marketing strategist, website designer, and raw foods enthusiast based on the island of Martha's Vineyard.