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Hi friends!!


I want to share some details with you about the community I hope we’ll be able to offer to our island friends. I also want to ask you for your HELP, and you’ll find details on this page to make it easy.

Here’s what you’ll find in the petition further down this page: I (Elio Silva) am looking to build and open a multi-use property in the Southern Woodlands area at 77 Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road. Our plans for the project include 24 year-round residential units, as well as space for Island Food Pantry, MVY Coop & Health Food Education, and Vineyard Grocer & Health Food Store. The petition (found below!) is for community members to express support for the project.

What you won’t read in the petition is what I hope you already know. I always, always, always aim to do business in a way that deeply serves our island community and creates situations where everyone wins. To think long-term about the impact of our actions. So this Southern Woodlands Community is proposed and intended with that in mind.

Can you help us to make it happen?!

We’re actively seeking friends and neighbors to support our efforts. What you can do now to best help is to gather signatures (using the petition below), share the info (in conversation and/or with the handout below), and/or to write a letter of support (the template below can help you to write it).

We deeply appreciate you being part of the VG Family :-) and are grateful for your ongoing support.

Elio :-)


<< CLICK HERE >> to print the petition if you’d like to ask friends, family, and/or colleagues to sign the petition. (Thank you) You can bring signed petitions to Vineyard Grocer or give them directly to Elio.


Thanks for your support!!

You can click the << CLICK HERE >> links for printable versions of our petition, a 1-page handout, and a template to help you easily write a letter of support.



<< CLICK HERE >> to print the handout if you’d like to share the details with friends, family, and/or colleagues you think would be supportive. (Thank you)

Letter of Support Template

<< CLICK HERE >> to print the letter of support template if you’d like to write one yourself or to ask supportive friends, family, and/or colleagues to help. (Thank you) You can bring letters to Vineyard Grocer or give them directly to Elio

Handout AND Letter of Support Template (front and back)

<< CLICK HERE >> to print the handout and letter of support template together. (Thank you)

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