5 Different (& Fun!) Cracker Topping Ideas


#1. Top with Cottage Cheese + Baby Tomatoes

One of the keys to displaying this + making it fun (if it’s for a party) is to have some or all of the crackers pre-prepped. Or at least something to make it clear what the cottage cheese is intended for. Otherwise, your friends might be genuinely confused! ha! #awkward

Seriously, though, this combo is actually delicious!

And in a related note: It can be fun to have your crackers and toppings completely separated so that the work AND fun is done by your guests.

#2. Cranberry Cheese + Rosemary

(especially fun at the holidays!)

It’s so pretty, and if you use local cranberries and rosemary, that will be even lovelier.

Another interesting combo that totally works at the holidays: Cream Cheese + Pomegranate Seeds.

#3. Fresh herbs = Fresh idea.

It’s not that this is sooo different. Or that it’s sooo uncommon. But we feel like fresh herbs are pretty, fresh, and a flavor-changer. In a good way.

#4. Almond or Peanut butter + Banana

Kids and kids at heart will definitely love this combo. Simple, sweet, and filling.

#5. Ricotta Cheese + Blueberries and a drizzle of honey

Spread Ricotta Cheese generously on your cracker, top with blueberries and drizzle some honey (preferably local island honey!). Mmmm… a must try if you’ve not already!

AdobeStock_67810637 small.jpeg

“We eat with our eyes first!”

Use mini cookie cutters to cut your cheese into cute shapes…. hearts in our example for today because Valentine’s Day.

What a treat to make your crackers & cheese platters fun, pretty, and DELICIOUS looking!

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