Thank you!!

We’ve heard from so many friends this week that you’ve already voted for us in the “Best of the Vineyard” contest. So there's a good chance you already did.

Regardless... seriously... we want to THANK YOU. It's almost been overwhelming (but in a good way!) how many of our VG Family have stepped up to let us know you've voted. :-)

Thank you for voting for us.
Thank you for shopping with us.
Thank you for your smiles.
Thank you for your appreciation.
Thank you for your surprises...!
Thank you for your kindness.
Thank you for telling us what you want.
Thank you for your feedback.

And… thank you for being part of our family.

<< If you’ve not yet voted and want to, here is the direct link. >>


And if you just want to tell us - ANYTIME - what we can do for you - please don’t hesitate to email us or tell us in whatever way works for you. We are here!!

With so much gratitude,
Elio & your VG family

P.S. I won't be sharing about this again... The voting is nearly over. :-)

P.P.S. We're almost having too much fun about this... If you already voted and wonder what else you can do, feel free to ask your mom, your aunt, your cousin, your pet guinea pig, and other VG family members to vote...! (Joking about the guinea pig. It's all in good fun, and it's all good!!)

Best of the Vineyard

What is it? If you're not familiar with the Best of the Vineyard, it's a vote (BY YOU, on island!) of who are your favorite businesses. It's a lovely opportunity to speak up and be heard! The voting ends this week, and then we'll see the results come out this summer...!

<< Click here if you'd like to vote for us. :-D >>

Best of luck to other businesses on island - in all categories! We really are so lucky to have the opportunities we have!!

Éva Raposa

Éva Raposa is a digital marketing strategist, website designer, and raw foods enthusiast based on the island of Martha's Vineyard.